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An IT Specialist with over 20 years experience using all types of PC's and software, I've always loved getting out of the office to enjoy a new adventure.  Capturing these adventures on film originated as a way for me to build a library of my memories.  Continuing on my life's journey, I've found my passion in building memories through photos for others. Through the perfectionism and persistence ingrained in me from 9 years of Naval Service, I've learned to use my expertise in in IT to enhance still photos and videos, giving them new life. Let me help you record your family and your adventures, one click at a time.   


There are 2 ways to order now. The original way is to click on Visit Shop. This is a self service way of putting in your order. I have also picked up a new vendor, which does an incredible professional job. If you would like to use this option, please contact me with what your options are. I can put your order in and have the order drop shipped to you. The options you can choose from are at Simply incredible work they do.